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2013 Move on Asia


MOVING ON ASIA 2004-2013

Organizer_ Asia Curator Network
Superviser_ Alternative Space LOOP
Supporter_ KOREA FOUNDATION, HONGIK UNIVERSITY, SEOUL MUSEUM OF ART, Seoul Metropolitan City, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, SEOUL ART SPACE SEOGYO

Director_ Jinsuk SUH
Curator_ JihyenKIM

Date of Issue_ 2012. 8. 31


06 Introduction
Art Works & Statements 2004-2013

FORUM – Time Flowing into the Pacific from the Amur 2012
340 Mulling over the Social Role of the Korean Moving Image: Moving Images, Expecting the Images That Moves Society – Dooeun CHOI
346 How films in the 21st century respond and adapt to the digital Era: Two Doors – a Transmedia Documentary – Soyoung KIM
350 Towards a social role for Korean moving image: a proposal towards a political and aesthetic Korean Alternative Visual Culture – Yeunho KIM JANG
358 Digital Heterotopias: Historical ‘Elsewhere’ in Korean Video art of the 2000s – Hyunsuk SEO
368 Expansion of the Cognitive sense in the digital era of the 21st century – Jinsuk SUH
370 Media art in Korea: Issue and Counter-Issues – Jinsang YOO

374 FRAMES OF REFERENCE: Moving image arts in Australia – Alessio CAVALLARO
380 Digital Obesity: Public greed for moving lmages – Ade DARMAWAN
384 The moving images as incident of disappearance – Patrick D. FLORES
388 State Ideology vs. the rise of small narratives: Discourse of moving images on the 21st century Thailand – Gridthiya GAWEEWONG
394 How to Self-Construct: The primary facts and narration about moving image in China – GUO Xiaoyan
408 Extreme sensibility: Taiwanese contemporary video art – Charles LIU
414 Discourse on the Moving Image in Vietnam in the 21st century – NGUYEN Trinh Thi
420 The Discourse of moving images in Hong Kong in the 21st century – Ellen PAU
428 Moving Images in the 21th century in Indian video art and beyond – Johan PIJANPPEL
436 Contemporary Japanese video artists – Fumihiko SUMITOMO
440 SEA STATE: Notes on video art in Singapore – David TEH
446 Moving Image in the 21st Century Malaysia – Lian Heng YEOH

Now and Future of Asian Moving Images through 4 Artists
454 Recommender essay on Apichatpong WEERASETAKUL – Gridthiya GAWEEWONG
458 The “Self” Reflected upon the “Other”: Works of YANG Fudong – Baikgyun KIM
464 SONG Dong, the Epitome of existential Art, His life and art – Jinmyung LEE
468 Upon The Cloud of Unknowing – June YAP

Move on Asia 2004-2010
476 A new sphere for public discourse and media art – Jinsuk SUH
480 Move on Asia – Johan PIJNAPPEL
483 A World new order? – Fumihiko SUMITOMO
484 Video, the most significant medium in contemporary art – Yonghee SUNG
486 Why video art preservation requires special handling? – Howard BESSER
490 Do we need a YouTube for Video art? – Ross HARLEY
496 Seeking the Possibilities of image expressions: What is the identity of video art? – Yonguk LEE
498 Imagining the future of video art distribution – Abina MANNING
504 Beyond the limits of video art – Kentaro TAKI
508 Clash and Network – Simon MAIDMENT/Vikki MCINNES
510 The work of art in our global age: What can it globalize and for whom? – Jyotsna KAPUR
518 Performance, gesture, ritual – Simon MAIDMENT/Vikki MCINNES
520 The materialistic approach to the changing of media-formats – Yasuhiro NISHIMURA
522 Picturing Life – Biljana CIRIC
525 Artists of Global village generation – Youngro ANN YEE
526 The days of confused values – Euna KANG
528 Korean Video art and shamanism – Wonkon YI
535 Art forms in video making – Liz HUGHES/Caroline FARMER
536 I love my India – Johan PIJNAPPEL
540 The never Ending end of video art – Johan PIJNAPPEL