Pub_예술과자본 2007




예술과자본 2007



Organized by Spiritual Odyssey, Curation Team (Suhyun Kim, Jinsuk Suh, Yongbaik Chun)

Directed by Jinsuk Suh/ Director, Alternative Space LOOP, Suhyun Kim/ Independent Curator, Youngpaik Chun/ Dean of Dept. of Art Studies, Hongik University, Korea

Sponsored by Art Council Korea, Gyenggi Cultural Foundation


Forward Forum
18 Jinsuk Suh/ Art and Capital
38 Leng Ling/ Beijing: The Converting Place of Modern Chinese Art and the Art Market
48 Sueo Mitsuma/ Growing from a market into an industry: The changing role of art fairs in Asia
58 Chaitanya Sambrani/ Contemporary Art and the Global Market: the Case of India
72 Jinsoo Seo/ Art Industry seen from an economic point of view
92 Misa Shin/ Growing from a Market into an Industry: The Changing role of art fairs in Asia
102 Boseon Shin/ Growing from a market into an industry: an analysis of contemporary art prizes
124 Jonathan Watkins/ Observations on Art, Money and the 2006 Shanghai Biennale
136 Kyuhyun Rhee/ Is the capitalization of Art Harmful or Helpful for Art? : Based on Korea Contemporary Art

Art&Capital: Exhibition
150 Raps Media Collective
158 Dongi Lee
166 Joongkeun Lee
174 Hiroshi Fuji
184 Xiao Yu
192 Flying City
202 Rirkrit Tiravanjia
210 Antenna

Curriculum Vitae
226 Artist’s CV
234 Curator’ CV