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International Digital Photo Project
Organized by_ Net Art Group & EWHA Womans University
Supervised by_ Alternative Space LOOP
Supported by_ Korea Foundation, Seoul Foundation for Art & Culture, FUJIFILM Korea, Arts Council Korea, ARARIO Inc. &



Curatorial Discourse
08 Beyound the Digital [Critic, Biljana]
14 Brain-Projected Society and Digital Technologies [Hiramatsu, Nobuyuki]
16 Images in Everyday Life [Huang, Du]
20 Digital Photography and the Uncertainty of Representation [Hujatnikajennong, Agung]
24 Various applications of digital imaging [Iwaki, Mio]
26 Digital Pictorialism [Jin, Dongsun]
36 Photography after photography [Leung, Chinfung Jeff]
38 World without end [Sumitomo, Fumihiko]
42 On the Originality of Digital Images [Yoo, Jinsang]

49 Artist & Work

161 Curator & Syposium Concerned C.V.

179 Artist C.V.